Preparing for your bridal consultation

Preparing for your bridal consultation

You've booked a bridal consultation appointment- now what?

Read on for a few tips to get the most out of your bridal consultation. 


Have a look at the labels we offer and select a few styles to try. We suggest preparing a list of three to five styles for your wish list that you'd like to try. 

Choose your entourage wisely

Too many opinions can make what should be a fun occasion for the bride a stressful one! Only invite those who will help you narrow down your options and support your choices. We offer seating for up to four guests in our bridal suite. We are also happy to set our tripod up if you have anyone you want to join in on FaceTime or Zoom!


Your green and red flags

Ensure you have thought about things like your budget and any must-have features such as sleeves or the silhouette. If you aren't sure where to start, looking back on other outfits you've worn and felt great in can be a good place to see what features you like in a dress. 

Your appointment

Come to your appointment freshly showered and without heavy make up or fake tan. This is not going to affect your ability to choose a gown- no one ever looked worse with a tan and make up! We recommend wearing skin toned underwear, but don't worry about wearing shapewear as it's best to buy this after you've chosen a gown. 

Got questions?

Please feel free to give us a call- we are happy to answer any queries you may have about your consultation!

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